The site

First, a disclaimer.

We know nothing about haikus (haiku? haikus?) except that they have a 5-7-5 syllable structure. That is the only rule we stick to while composing all the wonderfully inspiring literary works you see on this blog. Anything goes. Even Singlish.

So have a good laugh and a good day… on us!

The images

Now, another disclaimer.

All the images we use in our posts are sourced from other websites (that is, not taken or drawn by us unless otherwise stated). You can click on any of them to find out where we’ve taken them from.

We always try to trace those images to their most original sources, but since this is the Internet we’re talking about, it can sometimes get kind of tricky. So if we’ve linked any images wrongly or if you know of a source ‘more original’ than the ones we’ve found, please tell us so we can credit the authors proper, hang our heads in shame, and write yet another haiku to make ourselves feel better.

And before we forget, our very manly gravatar is credit to diehydrated.

The contributors

Lichen Xerox (likxian) is a scriptwriter-turned-zookeeper who draws and writes on the side.

Monsoon Warbler (dtrx) is a left-writer who likes to doodle on one side and marvel at floofy birbs on the other. Totally not ambidextrous.


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