Damselfly riding on snake

It’sss dangerousss to go alone!

Onward, Mister Snake!
We must save the world safely ー
I’ll check your blind spots!

Photo: Colin Vanner | Daily Mail via Flickr


Agate to Another Universe

A legend descends
Through the clouds of Jupiter:

Photo: Igor Schwartzmann | Flickr


Dance Dance Reptile-ution A++

They see me groovin’
They lovin’ the world’s hottest
Desert superstar!

Shovel-snouted Lizard (Meroles anchietae)

Animated GIF: Giphy via Reddit via footage from BBC Earth

I’m so nice I have two

Politely declined?
Congrats, you’ve just been dealt the
Dreaded Nice Guy Card*!

Photo from Monopoly Killer @ Blogspot

* The “nice guy card” / “good man card” is a popular term from Taiwanese Internet culture, and is often used on a person who has been rejected by someone he/she likes apparently because of his/her “nice” personality. Refer to this Taipei Times article for more information, and Wikipedia for a more Western perspective on the same phenomenon.