A curious group of young gharials

Huh? Catch No Ball Leh

Did we miss something?
Why is everyone cheering?!
Gah! I want to know!

* “Catch no ball”: a Singlish expression that means “don’t understand / don’t get it”. Literally used when one is confused about something.

* “Leh”: A Singlish particle usually tagged at the end of a clause or sentence for emphasis. Somewhat similar in use to the slang word “man” (e.g. “Don’t be so mean, man”).

Gharials (Gavialis gangeticus)

Photo: Akshay Mudgal | Facebook

"Chilli Padi" brooch

Fierce and Feisty!

Innocent fire
Slowly burning, then building
Detonation dance.

Photo: Independent Market

* “Chilli padi”, a small but spicy cultivar of the chilli pepper species Capsicum annuum, is widely used in Thai, Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian cuisines. In Singapore, the term also refers to someone petite but feisty.

flip face machiam flip prata like that

♪ 一人分一半

Photo from HUNGRY ISLAND @ WordPress

* Roti prata is a pan-fried South Indian flatbread that is very popular in Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. Often served with curry, it comes with a variety of fillings including onions, mushrooms and cheese. The most common flavours are ‘kosong’ (plain) and egg.


Rose to the occasion

Twelve dollars apiece?!
Tell you what, let’s just go home
I’ll make you bandung!*

Photo from Trucchi’s Supermarkets

* Bandung is a drink made from mixing evaporated or condensed milk with rose cordial syrup, which gives it a lovely pink colour. Best enjoyed ice cold, it is very popular in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.